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Lizard facts
• Small lizards are common pests in houses and buildings that are surrounded by vegetation or are close to areas of dense (sometimes shaded) plants.
• They do not live in or infest houses but come in from surrounding vegetation to find insects (food).
• Usually, they follow the insects that are attracted to outdoor lights.

Control Methods
• Lizard repellant
Lizard repellant is applied to places where normally attract lizard such as behind the clock or photo frames, around outdoor lights.

• Baiting using gel
This is often the most environmentally friendly and effective way. Ants that feed on it will bring the poison food back to the nest and share it among other colony members. Hence the entire colony can be eliminated.

• Sanitization
•-• The best control strategy is to keep them out by keeping doors and windows closed or screened.
•-• Reducing the vegetation around the house and limiting outdoor lights at night may also be helpful.

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