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Termite Pest Control

Termite facts

  • Termites are commonly known, as "white ants," they are only distantly related to the ants.

  • Termites are social insects and practice caste system, which consists of queen, king, soldier, worker, alate (winged reproductive) and immature (nymphs and eggs). Each of the castes shares similar body form and specific tasks.

  • They feed mostly on cellulose based material or wood by-product

How to know you have Termite Problems ? 

  • Mud Shelter Tubes – These mud tubes, made of small soil particles and partially digested wood.Termites build mud tubes to protect themselves as they travel from their underground colony into your house.

  • Swarmers – Swarmers are winged male or female adults which usually emerge when humidity is high. These winged termites are attracted to bright light and can be found near windows; their presence can be confirmed with the sightings of discarded termite wings on window sills, floors. Swarmers are the first indication that there is termite activity in the vicinity.

  • Damaged/eaten wood - As termite workers consume wood, they tunnel inside the wood. In some cases, termite infestation can go undetected for years because termites consume wood from within the wood, leaving the outer layers intact. With serious damage, the wood structure will weaken and break apart. Subterranean termite nests are made of “carton” that consists of chewed wood, saliva, and excrement. Nests can be constructed in the ground or aerially.

Control Methods

Corrective Soil Treatment

  • Small holes will be drilled along the perimeter of the premise and the chemical solution will be pumped into the holes in order to form a chemical protection layer against the termites. There are 3 Stages to this treatment namely Drilling, Chemical Injection and Patching. 

Baiting System

  • By far this method has been hugely popular with proven record in eliminating the whole termite colony. This method has a more enviromental friendly approach. 

Termite Busting

  • Residual chemical will be applied and sprayed to all affected areas. This method will eliminate all termites around the affected areas. 

Pre-construction Soil Treatment

  • Residual chemical is applied at the soil layer before the building or structure is built on it. 

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